DesignToUnite is a call for solidarity with Australia’s First Peoples in creating a fair and just society.

Next month marks 50 years since the 1967 referendum to count Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander equally as Australian citizens—a pivotal moment in our nation’s history and a crucial first step towards addressing the legacy of injustice brought about by colonial settlement. It was a triumph of decency, common-sense, empathy and collective action. An overwhelming 90% of voters threw their support behind the motion.

This golden anniversary is the perfect opportunity to recapture that spirit of unity from 1967, which is why the #DesignToUnite campaign has been launched.

Clear, in partnership with Reconciliation Australia, are challenging Australia’s design community to harness its creative energy to refocus public and government attention. The aim is to saturate the country with a singular message of unity and re-engage discussion on what still needs to be done.

Using the word ‘Unite’, design a poster that will deliver a powerful statement about the importance of Australia’s First Peoples and their right to a fair and just society.

Finalist will be selected by a panel of design, media and Indigenous leaders, these people include…

Dr Marcia Langton AM
Belinda Duarte Reconciliation Victoria
Matthew McCarthy Organiser, Clear
Christopher Doyle Christopher Doyle & Co
David Roenfeldt 3 Deep
Nancy Bugeja HM Group
Bryan Magee Posterscope
Tim Murphy oOh! Media

Supporting studios, designers
and photographers

Adam Symmons
Aimee Phillips
Alex Toohey
Alissa Recil
Amber Bonney
Anastasia Liolio
Ankur Mahanta
Anna Bluck
Anthony Skujins
Anya Anakov
Baron Chau
Bec Adamczewski
Becki Kenworthy
Becski Design
Ben Fisher
Ben Sanders Illustration
Bench Creative
Ben Siero
Boyd Pope
Bradley Buckmaster
Bridget Waddell
Caffeine & Concrete
Cameron Tidy
Canberra Institute of Technology
Cave Design
Celine Tan
Charlie Ryan
Charmaine Cave
Chloé Young
Chris Alexander Kiprovski
Chris Hemming Design
Chris Johnson
Christine Better
Christopher Doyle & Co
Christopher Hemming
Chris McGinn
Computershare Creative
Copirite, Sumasalt
Cornwell Design
Dana Rogers
Daniel Elliott
Daniel Pang
Daniel Sans
Daniela Moore
Danielle Caruso
Darren Cole
David Ansett
Dayna Stiles
Deakin University
Denver Ross
Derek Samuel Design
Design by Bird
Design By Pidgeon
Design by Slice
Di Marca Brand Performance
Drew Aitken Illustration
ED. Digital
Edan Weis
Edith Prakoso
Edmund Chang
Elisa Maier
Ella Joel
Elliot Hutchinson
Emily Pribadi
Emma Dankert
Emma Eggleston
Emma Rowland
Eric Tieng
Fanny Lamouroux
Five Creative
FOR Studio
Frost* Collective
Grant Baines
Gravity Consulting
Gregory Ferembach
Guadalupe Ledesma
Handle Branding
Hannah Evans
Hannah Guilford
Havas Design
Hepa Taahi
Hoyne Brands
Ian Butler
Ingrid Toohey
Jack Mussett
Jarrad McCallum
Jeremy How
Jeremy Matthews
Jerome Lousick
Jessica Katzen
Jessie Stanley
Jit Shien Loo
Joel Priestland
John Calabro
John Kwiecinski
Jordan Dolheguy
Judd Crush
Justin Davies
Kara O’Loughlin
Kid You Not
Kimberly White
Koen Arbouw
Kris Hauselberger
Kristin Burnshaw
Leanne Serra
Leith Thomas
Leuver Design
Liana Lewis
Little Bluck Duck
Lloyd Collins
Local Peoples
Lorenzo Princi
Louis Devine
Love + Money
Luci Everett
Luke Brown
Luke Carson & Rachelle Criticos
Maddison Rutter-Malley
Maddy De-Sanctis
Marilyn & Sons
Mark Harley
Mark Okeeffe
Matias Reyes
Matt Alpass
MC3 Design
Michael “Boopo” Musa
Michael Davey
Michael Longton
Michelle Whitehead
Mimmo Cozzolino
Monica Laskowski
Morgan Hickinbotham
MV Design Studio
Natalie Taylor-Benn
nathan wren
Nathanael Jeanneret
Neil Roose
Nicholas Fels
Nick Fontaine
Nicko Phillips
Nicole Vandersteegen
Nicolette Provis
Niva Design
Oliver Rothenhaeusler
Owen Richards
Patricia Crutchfield
Paul Conley
Paul Garbett
Paul O’Connor
Penny Gow
Pip Snelling
Rachel Gilkison
Rachel Horgan
Rachelle Criticos
Rhys Gorgol
Riche Didge
RMIT University
Robert Castles
Roger Archbold
Ross Harrington
Ruby Aitken
Russell Kennedy
Russell Mann
Sam Merrigan
Samuel Rowe
Sarah Ford
Sarah Tan
Scottie Cameron
Sea Change Studio
Sean Hogan
Simone Elder
Simone Strydom
Stacey Wren
Stasie Rolfe Design
Stephanie Bradley
Struck and Spink
Studio Alto
Studio Båton
Studio Brave
Studio Palindrome
Studio SPGD
Studio Worldwide
Swinburne University
Tess Copeland
The Company You Keep
The Design Kids
The Edison Agency
The View From Here
Thomas Farrell
Tim Donaldson
Tim King
Tim Sutherland
tinny studio
Toohey Creative
Treasa Burns
Tricia Smith Design
Troy Mendham
True Syd
Truly Deeply
Vanessa Amisano
Veronica Lethorn
Vince Frost
Wade Jeffree
Watts Design
Wayne Allsop
Weijie Lin
Work Art Lif
Wyn Best
Ying Wang
Zenith Creative